Outreachy | Week 5

June 29, 2021

Hi there, This week was more of learning plus exploring things and less of implementing them. Since I have started working on the main tasks of the internship. So the week end with getting a more clear picture of my main task of this internship which is to Implement share type quotas in the Manila UI (more on this later). So let’s check on this weeks action items, what’s my progress and more.🥤

Week 5 action items:

  1. Complete Django girl workshop.
  2. Outreachy blog post about “Everyone struggle”
  3. Working on this patch
  4. Get familiar with Manila UI and Horizon code

Tasks I have completed and more

  • I have completed Django girl workshop and build my first Django project. I have done this course to get familiar with Python and Django stuff. But after completing the workshop I’m familiar with lots of Python stuff and its environment. In the end, I came up with building a simple web application: my own blog and putting it online(with Pythonanywhere). Here is my Django application repo and the live site.
  • About blog post — I have published a blog post on How to Contribute to OpenStack, this blog is a beginner-friendly guide for those who want to start with OpenStack open-source contributions. 
  • Also, I have worked on my previous patch on openstack/manila project one which I picked up on during Manila Bug Squash Event. I have submitted my new patch set with some new changes, but it failed to run some of the test cases. I guess it needs more exploration and work from my side. Well, I’m on it! 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • Attended Week 5 Mentor & Intern Chat — it was a discussion about free software and technical conferences. 
  • Umm what else, okay! I have read so many documentations about Manila and Manila UI project get familiar with every aspect of it. Also, I have gone through the whole codebase and the rest of the project resources.

The day isn’t over yet if I haven’t read any documentation. :D

  • Also, I had my 1:1 meeting with Victoria(my project mentor). We talked about the status, goals and if any updates we have for the projects or anything else. We discussed the Microversion updates and share type quotas stuff which I’ll be going to start working on during week 6. We ended up setting up the next week task and goals. Ya, I’m on it too! 🚀
  • Apart from this, I got selected to be one of the Open Source Day mentors for the OpenStack project. This event is organized by AnitaB.org in association with Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration 2021! Here is the little about this event:

Open Source Day (OSD) is an all-day hackathon (including workshops), in which participants of all skill levels learn about Open Source while contributing to projects designed to solve real-world problems. #OpenSourceDay. These workshops are intended to help first-time contributors who are eager but have limited experience with open source projects get started. We’ll walk you through the steps and share some of our best practices that will make it easier for you to start. 

You ca visit the event page to learn more about it! Open Source Day Summer 2021 agenda: https://opensourceday.anitab.org/agenda

Register for the event: https://anitab-org.github.io/open-source-day/ 

See you next week 🌻

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