Outreachy | Week 6

July 03, 2021

This is the sixth weekly blog of my internship.

Hi again :) This blog is going to be short and just the overview of what I have done.

What I have done this week?

  • I started this week learning about API microversion updates, which we do when there are some changes in the API. I’m going to work on implementing share_type_quotasso I need to do this.
  • I submitted my initial patch in Manila UI after adding share_type_quotas it. You can find my patch here: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/manila-ui/+/798807

If you want to look into share_type_quotas : https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/manila-specs/specs/pike/support-quotas-per-share-type.html

My contribution in this bug is to adding a waiter in the resource type share_group for deletion and creation of it. The goal of this fix is to- when a user hits this command $ manila share-group-create — name share-group-1 — wait, manilaclient shell waits on the share group to become available before providing group details. Similarly when a user hits this command $ manila share-group-delete share-group-1 — wait manilaclient shell waits on the share group to be deleted before returning to the prompt.

  • This week session was on OpenStack testing and Zuul CI session. I got to learn so many new things. Thanks to my mentors!

That’s it! See you next week 🌻

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