Outreachy | Week 9 & 10

July 30, 2021

The theme for this week is “Career opportunities”.

So my last two weeks, hmm? I’m still figuring out all the things I have done in the last two weeks. I’m being lazy here! I guess things are going pretty well here, but all I can say is my last two-week calendar was on calm mode. 🥤

There was not much that happened but I started my contribution towards OpenStack CLI support for Manila. I’m enjoying so much the whole process of contributing to this project.

My Contribution 👩🏻‍💻

So let’s talk a little bit about my project OpenStack Client Implementation for Manila. This project is all about creating an OpenStack Client(OSC) plugin within python-manilaclient so that it can support OSC users also enhances the usability of Manila within an OpenStack cloud.

Currently, I’m working on two patches i.e. adding share_group and share_group_snapshot commands, so that CLI support both the commands. This is fun and there is so much to learn at every step.

If I talk about share_group command implementation then there are more subcommands to implement under this command like share_group_create, share_group_delete, share_group_list, share_group_show, share_group_set and share_group_unset. Right now I have done implementing share_group_createcommand and I make Zuul happy today. 🥂

Now the share_group_snapshot command implementation, this one is still in work in progress mode and I’m actually reading some documentation for it. Here is about my last two weeks in short:

Week 9: all about reading so much documentation and having a good knowledge of the project I’m working on. 🤓

Week 10: coding, coding and more coding!!🙇🏻‍♀️

More stuffs:

I attended an amazing intern chat conversation on Zulip where everyone talks about the different career opportunities they are looking for and some amazing advice from past interns and mentors for our future.

The discussion was about everyone brainstorming different career paths in the technology industry(and free software) and brainstorming additional opportunities to work on free software.

Also, I have learned about Python debugging and writing good unit testing in the same. I guess I’m moving to become a good Python Developer 🙈

🎧: One Direction — Night Changes, my current favourite 🎶 (done writing the blog with this song)

That’s all I have for now 🌻

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