Outreachy | Week 2

June 06, 2021

This is the second weekly blog of my Outreachy internship with OpenStack.

Below are the top tasks of week 2:

  • Development environment Devstack setup
  • Work on fixing the patch I created during the contribution period.
  • Update introduction blog post
  • Attend a few meetings :)

Putting together my every day’s progress in brief:

Day 8
  • It was a Happy Monday! The first thing I did was to sync up with my mentor Victoria so that we can work on fixing that devstack environment issue.
  • We won’t be able to fix it by today. There were some issues with OVN that took so much time and we decided to continue fixing the devstack environment tomorrow.
  • I had a meeting today with Victoria and Kafilat(another Outreachy intern here) about OpenStack big picture. I got to learn so much about OpenStack. It was an amazing day :D
Day 9 
  • Ah! Finally, it was a productive day. We are done with setting up the devstack environment. KUDOS TO US!! 🥳
  • We spent the whole day debugging all those previous issues with ovn and finally at the end of the day we sorted everything. We can now move on to the code part from tomorrow.
  • I can’t thank my mentors Victoria and Goutham enough. It was a frustrating process in the end but they helped me to fix all those issues. And yes we get it :)
  • Also, I read some reviewing changes to OpenStack documentation.
  • Some words from my mentor Victoria about code review:

    • it’s a good way to start a contribution
    • it’s a great way to build knowledge
    • you can able to read other people code and review
    • this help you practise the best solution for the design and coding part
Day 10
  • Hie again :) Thanks a lot for being here. So the day starts with facing another issue. The issue was yesterday’s devstack setup, due to so much resource installation in my virtual machine. My system started working slow. 
  • My mentors helped me there too by setting up a virtual environment in VEXXHOST and I connected with that environment through SSH. Here it’s sorted finally. Phew! 
  • It’s time for some task assignments now. I got two tasks to work on today-

    • getting familiar with the OpenStack dashboard current UI status
    • work on that fix that I had submitted/contributed during the contribution period.
  • I picked off task one, started reading documentation about the OpenStack dashboard and played around there with some instances, network, volume and images stuff. Did some analysis, how all the components are connected there. Also, I spotted a bug. 😉
  • Time to start working on the next and the last task for today. So, during the contribution period, I contributed to this bug. This was under the project python-manilaclient. This fix was all about to work on the 
  • When this task was assigned to me, I was a bit scared if I’ll be able to complete it or not. But damn! I’m so proud of myself, I did this 💃🏻
  • Ah! Such relief 💜  I’m done with both the task :)
Day 11
  • Okay so, I worked on my patch today also. I have gone through reviewer comments and tried to fix my issue.
  • Had my first one on one meeting with my mentor Victoria, she explained to me about running tests on the python manilaclient project and some discussion on commit messages. Also, we track our weekly status, goals and updates. 
  • Attended the Manila Weekly meeting, got to know about the Manila Bug Squash Event(I’m so excited about this) and got assigned to some volunteer work there. Thanks to Victoria :)
  • The day ended by working on the patch fixes, submitting it again for review. 

Today’s Affirm: I’m capable of everything I set my mind to 🌺 

Day 12
  • I feel so tired today and lazy too. So in short, today I worked on fixing that patch. I’m facing some errors. Hopefully, I’ll work on this in the morning with a fresh mind.
  • Also published my Outreachy first blog prompt response. You can read about it here: Outreachy: Introduce Yourself.
  • Here is the end of week 2, it was a very productive week for me (though I still need to work on my patch fix)

That’s all for now! Time to sleep zZ

See you next week :)

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